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Annual Training Update - Auto Renewal Now Available

Annual Training Update - Auto Renewal Now Available

30 June 2017

The RMI offers five annual training options to help you complete your 2017/18 MOT annual training and assessment by March 31st 2018, and ensure you have access to a training method that suits the needs of your business.

DVSA have confirmed that testers and will face harsher disciplinary actions than last year and/or suspension from testing if they don’t complete their annual training, so we recommend completing it as early as possible. This will ensure that you have enough time to work through the training thoroughly and study for the assessment, which has a higher pass mark of 60% this year.

Auto Renewal

We now offer auto renewal for annual training: rather than having to call us each year to organise your training, we’ll call you automatically each year to organise your training package. Call us on 0845 305 4230 to sign up. This service doesn’t cost anything and you won’t have any money automatically taken from your account - you will always receive a phone call first to confirm which package you’d like and the number of testers you need it for.

Annual Training Packages

Here are the five ways you can complete your annual training with us:

1. On-site training

Our MOT QC field team can deliver annual training at your premises for up to 6 testers at a time. The online assessment may be taken immediately following the course with the trainer present if time permits, otherwise testers can take it at their own convenience.

As this needs to be arranged in advance with our field team, please call 0845 305 4230 to secure your ideal date today.

The price for the training session is £200 + VAT, and includes RMI workbooks for each candidate.

This does not include online assessment costs, which are £34 + VAT per delegate.

The rest of our packages include the cost of the annual assessment:

2. Classroom training at the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills

Classroom training sessions are available at the RMI Academy sites in Southam and Runcorn, with the annual assessment taking place at the end of the course. This was a popular option last year as you can complete all of your requirements in one day.

The next annual training dates at Southam are the 7th July and 18th August, and at Runcorn are the 27th and 28th July. You can see the rest of the upcoming dates on our live calendars at www.RMItrainingAcademy.co.uk.

This package costs £75 + VAT and consists of a training session, access to the online assessment, an RMI workbook, and tea/coffee.

For more information, or to book a place at a training session, please call us on 0845 305 4230.

3. Regional training events

This year we will be touring the country again to hold training events for testers who are not in reach of an RMI Academy. These are being planned at the moment so we will let you know the dates and locations when booking is open, however if you and a number of garages in your local area would like us to come to you, please let us know.

This package will cost £70 + VAT, including the annual assessment (which must be completed outside of the training session) with places strictly limited to 40 per event.

4. Workbook and assessment pack

Our annual training workbooks are another popular, cost-effective training option, as testers can complete it in their own time. The workbook contains login details so you can access the online assessment, and it is also an easy way to record your training as there is a form to sign within the book which you can keep on file.

Workbooks are £45 + VAT, including the annual assessment, and you can order as many as you need by calling us on 0845 305 4230.

We are also working on a workbook for class 1 & 2 vehicles (motorcycles) which will be available to send very soon. Please call 0845 305 4230 to pre-order.

5. E-learning

Annual training and the online assessment can also be carried out fully online through an e-learning system. This option is also available for class 1 and 2 vehicles.

This package costs £60 + VAT which includes access to e-learning and the online assessment.

For more information, or to book the e-learning course, please call us on 0845 305 4230.

Extra Information

All of our packages include at least three hours of training or self-learning for the 2017/2018 syllabus for the classes of vehicles specified, plus the online assessment. They all meet the mandatory annual requirements set by the DVSA.

Please note that once a login code has been issued for an online assessment or an e-learning package, it is not refundable under any circumstances.

Click here for more information about annual training.

Please call the member helpline today on 0845 305 4230 to guarantee access to your first choice of training and/or dates.