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Autodata Technical issue 11 - Rattling noise from engine in 2009 Audi A3

Autodata Technical issue 11 - Rattling noise from engine in 2009 Audi A3

30 January 2018

Each month the Autodata team answers a common technical question and provides a printable document with technical diagrams to download and keep, exclusively for IGA members. This issue solves a rattling noise coming from the top of an Audi A3 engine.

Q. We have a problem with a 2009 Audi A3 1,4. There is a rattling noise from the top of the engine near the timing chain area from cold start. We are struggling to diagnose the problem as the noise only lasts for a few seconds after starting the engine. No fault codes are present. Has anyone reported this problem before?

A. We have come across this problem before on 1,4 TFSI engines fitted to the A3 up to 2010. The noise is due to an unsatisfactory design of the camshaft position (CMP) actuator allowing oil to drain away when left standing for a long period. The CMP actuator resonates on cold starting, creating the rattling noise until sufficient oil pressure has built up. Remove the timing cover and check the part number of the CMP actuator (Fig 1).

If the CMP actuator does NOT have part number 03C 109 088 E, it should be replaced with a modified version. Refit the timing cover. Start the engine from cold to confirm the problem is resolved.

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