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Autodata Technical Issue 18 – Door handles sticking open on 2009 Seat Ibiza

Autodata Technical Issue 18 – Door handles sticking open on 2009 Seat Ibiza

31 August 2018

Each month the Autodata team answers a common technical question and provides a printable document with technical diagrams to download and keep, exclusively for IGA members. This month, a garage is unable to stop a Seat Ibiza’s door handles from staying in the open position.

Q. We are having trouble stopping the door handles sticking open on a 2009 Seat Ibiza. However much we lubricate them they stick in the open position again after a very short time. Understandably the owner is reluctant to have them replaced when they are not broken or worn out. It sounds like a simple problem but the customer continues to bring the car back with the same problem. Have you any ideas?

A. This problem affects vehicles built up to VIN VSS***6J*DR178706 and can affect both driver’s and passenger’s door handles. The cause is insufficient clearance between the driver’s door handle and lock barrel and between the passenger’s door handle and door handle guide. Using a file reduce the moulding edge of the driver’s door lock barrel by 0.5 mm (Fig 1.1).

Similarly reduce the edge of the passenger’s door handle guide by 0.5 mm (Fig 1.2). This should stop the door handles sticking in the open position.

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