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Autodata Technical Issue 21 - Front axle creaking in 2010 Skoda Fabia

Autodata Technical Issue 21 - Front axle creaking in 2010 Skoda Fabia

30 November 2018

Each month the Autodata team answers a common technical question and provides a printable document with technical diagrams to download and keep, exclusively for IGA members. This month, a Skoda Fabia has a creaking front axle.

Q. We have a 2010 Skoda Fabia that has a creaking noise from the front axle over rough roads and when manoeuvring. We have heard the noise on road test but we are unable to recreate the noise in the workshop. We have checked all the suspension components but we cannot find the cause of the noise. Can you help?

A. Yes, we are well aware of this problem affecting Fabia II, Rapid, Rapid Spaceback and Roomster models up to 01/11/13. The cause of the noise is due to corrosion of the track rod ball joints. To confirm the fault remove the steering rack gaiters (Fig 1.1).

Check colouring of the grease in the track rod ball joints (Fig 1.2). If the grease has rusty colouring, remove the steering rack and fit new track rodes (Fig 1.3). Tighten track rod to 80 Nm. Check and if necessary adjust front wheel alignment. Road test to confirm the fault has been rectified.

Using a suitable tool insert 7ml of silicone oil into the steering column lower shaft via the breather hole (Fig 1.2). Slide the steering column shaft in and out about 10 times and ensure that it slides freely. This should cure the problem. Refit the steering column lower shaft and carry out a road test.

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