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Being a better manager just got easier!

Being a better manager just got easier!

30 November 2017

Good management is the engine room of your business, but how do you ensure that your engine is firing on all cylinders? Few managers are good at every aspect of what they do, but the key question is to know where focused development would benefit their weaker areas.

The solution has been developed specifically for the automotive industry and has been successfully implemented across numerous businesses - by identifying those areas where improvements would be most beneficial, optimising their management development and consequently also saving around 50% of their training costs!

AM Trait is an on-line psychometric profiling tool, specifically developed for managers in the Automotive Industry. By evaluating the candidate’s character traits, AM Trait is able to identify the candidate’s likely skills and abilities against the IMI Management & Leadership Competency Framework - the accepted national automotive benchmark within the industry.

It is available to suit the standardised Management Levels, (i.e. levels 3, 5 and 7) and importantly includes a direct, confidential one-to-one telephone feedback session to provide a powerful management development evaluation and guidance for existing or trainee managers.

How does it work? The candidate completes an AM Trait on-line test, which takes between 10 and 15 minutes. A detailed 24 page confidential report is then produced and downloaded.

The candidate is contacted directly by an accredited AM Trait Practitioner to arrange a one-to-one telephone feedback session, lasting about 45 minutes, allowing a detailed discussion and explanation of the report, with competency questioning.

As a result of the feedback discussion, the AM Trait Practitioner will recommend any training or development activity that will be most suitable for the candidate (this could be from a selection of available training courses, from an e-learning facility or by setting work-based tasks).

Importantly, the AM Trait Practitioner also identifies inherent strengths, where training and development are not required in the short term.

So, what are the management development benefits? With AM Trait, the manager receives an independent assessment and recommended development guidance, focusing on what is most beneficial and consequently saving significant training costs and time away from the job if training is needed! Management competency can therefore be achieved both more quickly and at a lower cost - with AM Trait costing significantly less than the cost of a day’s training!

Previous feedback sessions have highlighted numerous additional benefits. For example, by giving the candidate a deep insight into their root personality, they are able to immediately change the way they communicate, the way they inter-react with staff and customers and also how they organise their time and their thinking. ‘Nobody has ever taken so much interest in me’ is a common reaction.

Never has it been so easy and affordable to identify how to keep your ‘engine room’ running efficiently, to the direct benefit of both you and your business.

AM Trait was developed by Motor Industry Consultants Ltd., (MIC Ltd), an established group of Automotive Industry experts, and Aston Business Assessments, a spin-out company from Aston University, the acknowledged world leaders in psychometric testing. For further information on how AM Trait will benefit the development of your management capabilities, please contact MIC Ltd on 0845 658 6228, email products@micltd.co.uk or go to www.micltd.co.uk.