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Consumer Satisfaction and Alternative Dispute Resolution - You’re Covered by the NCS

Consumer Satisfaction and Alternative Dispute Resolution - You’re Covered by the NCS

30 November 2016

New statistics have revealed that throughout the last 12 months, only 141 complaints were received through the National Conciliation Service (NCS), TMG’s ADR provider, regarding TMG members.

Considering every year TMG members service and repair thousands of vehicles, these figures demonstrate high quality of work and customer care that TMG members provide.

Despite this, disputes are always inevitable - if you do have a disagreement with a customer, the NCS will be on hand to help you resolve the issue.

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a means of settling disputes without using the court system. It therefore involves lower costs, making dispute resolution more accessible.

Last year the EU introduced an ADR directive to make ADR the standard way to resolve disputes between consumers and traders.

All businesses are required to inform customers that ADR services exist, and whether or not you are planning to make use of them. As a member of the IGA you have access to the National Conciliation Service, a CTSI certified ADR provider for the retail motor industry.

About the National Conciliation Service

The NCS is accredited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) under the Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. It was the first automotive industry provider to achieve certification.

The NCS has been operating since 1964 and covers the widest range of automotive dispute of any ADR service currently open to the motor trade, including service and repair contracts of vehicles, sale contracts of vehicles, used cars and lost deposits.

Having expertise in the automotive industry ensures that the NCS is equipped to handle disputes, as they understand the technical complications that can arise with vehicles, and the challenges or miscommunication that can occur when attempting to resolve these issues.

Other ADR Providers

We have been made aware that some members have been contacted by companies offering ADR services and website listings, often for a fee. Although many of these companies are legitimate, as a member of the NCS there is no need to sign up to another ADR provider.

Promoting Your Membership

If you would like to promote the NCS to your customers, we have created the paragraph below for you to use on websites, marketing material or contracts:

“We are subscribed to the National Conciliation Service (NCS) which is the UK’s certified automotive retail Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider. As one of our customers, you are able to use the NCS if you feel we have not internally been able to resolve your complaint.

The NCS has been certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (TSI) as compliant with UK and EU regulations in respect of ADR.”

Find Out More

Please visit www.nationalconciliationservice.co.uk for more information about the services the NCS provides, or call the IGA member helpline on 0845 305 4230.