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Could the BMTA Trust help your apprentice?

Could the BMTA Trust help your apprentice?

31 January 2020

If you have an apprentice who you know is struggling financially and who needs some additional support completing their qualification and progression, the BMTA Trust can provide the support they need.

BMTA has been in existence since the 1960s and helps those working in the motor industry and their dependants. The Trust provides individual grants up to £1,000 to young people to help them overcome financial barriers to achieve their education, training or employment goals within the industry. In 2018-19 the Trust provided over £165,000 to young people and adults in need. Examples of some of the items that can be applied for are course fees, tools, living and travel costs.

Case Studies

  • C is a Level 2 Apprentice Paint Sprayer. She was highly motivated in finding this position and has continued holding down a work placement and apprenticeship. She attends College every week. She has progressed in her ability and wanted to obtain the tools to facilitate her progression. C’s ambition is to complete Level 2 and move onto Level 3 to gain a full qualification. C lives with her parents and was struggling to fund the cost of spray guns and a sanding machine.The Trust were able to help C with a grant towards the cost of equipment.
  • S was selected as part of a recruitment drive for a First Year Apprentice in July 2018. He is a more mature apprentice at 24 years of age. S has worked hard and has already started modules for the second year. In the workplace S is a valued member of the team. He can already perform some work with minimal supervision. Having his own tools would help him take more pride in the workplace. S lives with his father and is struggling financially. BMTA helped S with a grant of £590 towards the cost of tools.


To be considered for support the apprentice should be:

  • Aged 16-25
  • Receiving little or no financial support from family members
  • Financially challenged
  • Committed to pursue a defined goal in relation to education, training or employment in the motor industry

Next Steps

If this sounds like it could help any of your apprentices ask the individual to follow these simple steps:

  1. Give the Case Secretary, Jane, a call and have a chat about your situation. Contact details are below.
  2. If Jane thinks BMTA may be able to help you she will send you an application form to complete. FYI the applicant will need a referee’s contact details who can recommend the support will really help you. Examples of referees can be a current employer or College Lecturer.
  3. Send the form back and the BMTA Trustees will talk through all the requests they receive and make a decision.
  4. If they feel the BMTA cannot help at this time they may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Jane Pocock, Case Secretary, BMTA Trust Limited, PO Box 3157, Caterham CR3 4BH

Email: jpocock@bmtatrust.org.uk

Phone: 01883 371280

Website: www.bmtatrust.org.uk