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Digital Service Records Update - November 2016

Digital Service Records Update - November 2016

31 October 2016


We have recently been in touch with Jaguar Land Rover regarding online service history. They supplied us with the latest ‘how to’ guide and up-to-date contact information to allow completion of the two stage registration process (new guides can be accessed via logging into IGA Technical Forum and selecting the download section, or contacting the IGA Technical Helpline).


Mercedes have a video tutorial on their site on how to use the digital service records; in addition to this we have produced a pictorial representation of the three stages.

1 – Information and system requirements

2 – Registration process

3 – Accessing online service history

These guides can be accessed by logging into IGA Technical Forum and selecting the download section or, contacting the IGA Technical Helpline.


We have been in contact with Toyota regarding the apparent use of digital service records (DSR). They use DSR on a dealer based system for information only and still supply a physical service book with every new vehicle. You are only required to complete the service book after the relevant service has been carried out according to manufacturer’s standards with appropriate parts.


We have been informed that BMW Online Service System (OSS) site portal is being migrated to BMW Aftersales Online System (AOS) portal; if you are currently registered to this system you should be switched across including any credit on your account. They should notify you of the change as there are some changes to the terms and conditions; if you don’t agree with these changes or no longer require access to the site, there will be procedure offered to remove your account.


On completion of an online service record, the initial site access fee can be claimed back by rebate and registered as credit on your Audi account. This can be achieved by contacting Audi upon successful completion of service records stating the relevant vehicle chassis numbers.

If you have trouble accessing a vehicle’s digital service record, please contact the manufacturer directly or post a question on the IGA Technical Forum.