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DVSA Update: Adding Technical Information to MOT Testing Service & Important Notice for NTs

DVSA Update: Adding Technical Information to MOT Testing Service & Important Notice for NTs

30 November 2016

Making Vehicle Technical Information Available on the MOT Testing Service

The DVSA Matters of Testing blog publishes important updates and information on all areas of MOT testing, including changes to MOT and training procedures, updates to the new MOT testing service, and Q&A’s based on your feedback and comments.

In their newest blog post they have revealed that they will be adding vehicle technical information, but are looking for further feedback from testers so they can prioritise the new additions.

Here’s what they had to say:

“We’ve received lots of feedback about making technical information about specific vehicles available on the MOT testing service. We understand that this would help you to make decisions on how to test complex components safely.

We’ve already done some work to investigate how we can introduce this to the MOT testing service and we’ve planned more work for the near future.

What happened to VSI?

On the old ‘MOT Comp’ service we provided Vehicle Specific Information (VSI) to testers.

VSI provided information such as VIN location, brake testing weight, ABS presence and lighting test sequence, and the type of roller brake test required.

Before we made the move to the new MOT testing service, our management and technical standards teams reviewed VSI with VTS council members.

During the review, we picked up lots of positive feedback on VSI but we also identified several problems with it. For instance, it was hard to pick the right vehicle in some cases, so for many tests the wrong VSI ended up being used.

Also, some information was incomplete and much of it wasn’t very specific to the vehicle. So it didn’t always do what it said on the tin!

The review and user feedback revealed that brake testing weight information was essential. We introduced this function as one of the first updates and attached this information to specific vehicles so you don’t need to search for them. There were a few problems with this data to begin with, but we’re gradually fixing any issues with it.

We always intended to make more technical information about specific vehicles available on the MOT testing service. Unfortunately, this has taken us a little longer than we originally planned.

Providing the right technical information

We’re continuing to review your feedback and we’re looking at what technical information you need.

You’ve told us that you want the service to provide information on:

  • whether a vehicle can be roller brake tested
  • how to test electro mechanical parking brake systems
  • anti-lock braking system lamp operation
  • adaptive air suspension
  • tyre pressure monitoring systems
  • original fitment of CATs and DPFs

Please let us know in the comments what you think about the above list. Is this what we should be looking at, and which of these should be our priority?

It might be that we don’t introduce all the changes at once. There could be different options for different types of information. For example, some technologies are fitted to all vehicles from a certain date.

This means the way we source that type of information will be different to the specific information on a braking system that only applies to vehicles with a particular engine or transmission fitment.

We want to avoid testers using the wrong information. So whatever solution we do come up with, we know that this information needs to be clear and easy to use.

We’ll continue working on how best to deliver this and we’ll update you as we make progress.

Keep sending us feedback

One of the other useful pieces of feedback we’ve had is that it would be helpful to let testers add technical information that they know. We’ll need to give this some thought to determine how this could work, but the principle sounds great, and it’s something we’ll look into.

Please keep commenting on the blog (click here to view the original post and add a comment) and using the feedback link to tell us what technical information you need.

Making this information available is something we’re looking into as a matter of priority - so watch this space.”

Make sure you comment on their blog post if there’s something you’d like to be prioritised, and if you’re not receiving email updates from the Matters of Testing blog yet, click here to sign up.

Notice for NTs who Haven’t Completed Demonstration Test

Any prospective Nominated Tester who received training by DVSA (not the new training as provided by RMI Academy etc.) must have completed their demonstration test by the DVSA by the 31st December 2016, so will need immediate booking.

Any prospective NTs should contact their local DVSA office for advice. If a prospective NT misses this deadline they will need to start the qualifying process again.