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Fighting the Government’s Proposed Changes to MOT System

Fighting the Government’s Proposed Changes to MOT System

30 July 2015

During the Budget 2015 it was announced that the Government will consult on extending the period of time before a new car receives its first MOT test from three years to four. The IGA is strongly opposed to this change and will be lobbying the government on your behalf.

Here is our evidence as to why the 4-1-1 system is dangerous and shouldn’t be considered:

1. Although today’s cars are the safest we have ever seen, 22% of cars still don’t pass their first MOT. By waiting an extra year for an inspection, all of these cars will be going another 12 months before being looked at by a professional.

2. As new cars have become more reliable, consumers are becoming unaware of vehicle faults. According to a 2015 survey by Evans Halshaw, 15% of drivers don’t know how to open their car bonnet, nearly one in ten didn’t know that they had to inflate their tyres with air and one in four tend to ignore warning lights on the dashboard as they have no idea what any of them mean.

3. The poor state of the UK’s roads is also a contributing factor to the deterioration of cars. Potholes cause damage to a car every 11 minutes based on the number of claims made to local highway authorities, and the damage to vehicles can include tyres, alloys, suspension and steering to name a few.

4. New vehicles are travelling higher average miles per annum than ever before, translating to more opportunities for car parts to wear out or become damaged. High pollution levels sit alongside this, and a recent study published by King’s College London found that 9,400 deaths were caused by pollution in London in 2010. Emission tests will be delayed by waiting an extra year for an MOT.

5. The UK currently has one of the lowest traffic fatality rates of all the countries in the EU, with less than 30 road deaths per million inhabitants. But if we change to the 4-1-1 system, statistics show that we would be jeopardising our road safety. In 2011, a study carried out by over 25 organisations representing the interests of motorists and garages called PRO-MOTE found that moving to a 4-1-1 MOT system would result in 55 additional fatal accidents every year and over 2,000 injuries, of which 338 would be serious.

Even though you will already be aware of all of these points, it is your duty as a garage to spread the message to your customers that this is not about the costs of motoring, it is about road safety. We are all road users and we have a good reason for opposing this change because we genuinely want to ensure that all cars are safe on the road.

The RMI will also fight to ensure that garages won’t be held accountable for the bad condition of cars and increase in road casualties if the proposed MOT changes go ahead - the public need to know that the government will be to blame.

If you would like more information on the government’s plans or would like to help campaign, please call our member helpline on 0845 305 4230.


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