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Fines for Failing to Notify DVLA of Change of Keeper

Fines for Failing to Notify DVLA of Change of Keeper

31 July 2017

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are responsible for motoring issues relating to the taxation, licensing and registration of millions of vehicles on UK roads today. The DVLA is entitled to carry out criminal prosecutions for certain offences. The most common of these offences is failing to notify them of a change of keeper for a vehicle.

It has come to the attention of Allianz that clients are being held liable for paying a separate fine under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) programme when they haven’t informed the DVLA after a vehicle changes ownership. Submitting evidence of proof of sale before the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) was issued won’t be accepted by the DVLA and the fine will need to be paid.

Allianz recommend that clients review their processes and make sure the DVLA are made aware of any changes of ownership as quickly as possible. There are only 28 days between issuing an Insurance Advisory Letter (IAL) and when the DVLA issue a fine, taking the form of a FPN. It’s essential that immediate action is taken when an IAL from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau is received, advising that there is no record of insurance on the Motor Insurance Database.

So if a vehicle has been sold and an IAL has been received by the previous owner, DVLA records haven’t been updated. Letters are sent to the vehicle’s registered keeper from their records and they will be liable for the fine.

For more information on changing the keeper of your vehicle, please go to the DVLA’s website.