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How Your IGA Membership Saves You Money

How Your IGA Membership Saves You Money

30 January 2017

The start of a new year is a time when both as individuals and businesses we look closer at costs and expenditure than at any other. IGA members, like any other business, need to monitor and manage expenditure.

As member, there are many products and services available to help you not only manage cost but make great use of your membership.

  • RMI Utilities operated by our partner Spiral, is a great way to ensure your costs around electricity, gas, telecoms and broadband are kept under control. Making use of the free to use invoice checker is an easy way to check and manage utility costs, and save time having to check through various suppliers.
  • Making use of branded workwear is great way to give a business a real professional look. The IGA teamed up with Johnsons in 2016 to offer members a cost-effective option for Trust My Garage and company branded workwear and welcome mats for your business.
  • Technical information is crucial to all our members regardless of the size of business. We have combined Autodata/RMI membership packages aimed at saving members money through a joint subscription package that not only creates a saving this year, but with a fixed cost you are guaranteed to hold that price for 3 years. You can find further information about Autodata in the rest of the bulletin.
  • Members making use or considering health care packages for themselves or for their staff can take a look at RMI Healthcare, which has a range of service from full private medical insurance packages through to everyday healthcare for you and your staff to help cover costs around dental, optical, diagnostic scan and therapies such as physio.
  • 2016 saw the biggest change in credit card processing rates for many years, with move for debits cards from pence per transaction to a % charge. Understanding if your supplier is providing the rate that best suits your business needs can be crucial in today‚Äôs market place, so speaking with one of the IGA card rate providers may give you that peace of mind.

To understand more about these addition membership offers and what is available please call the member helpline on 0845 305 4230 or visit www.IndependentGarageAssociation.co.uk and ask to speak with one of our nominated suppliers for a no obligation quote on any of the above packages.