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Member Service Spotlight: MOT QC

Member Service Spotlight: MOT QC

30 June 2017

Did you know that the RMI represents more MOT Testing Stations than any other body in the UK? If you’re a member of the IGA, you can subscribe to our MOT Quality Control service and let us help you ensure your garage is at the top of its game.

The RMI consults regularly with DVSA and the DfT to ensure that we are at the forefront of MOT testing. We have developed specialist services to ensure that you can fully comply with the many complex legislative demands placed upon modern repair businesses and MOT testing stations.

DVSA no longer requires internal documentation of MOT QC on the VTS system, however they still require garages to provide proof of documentation during inspection. This means that although DVSA have removed the QC processes from their MOT Testing Service, a site is still required to ensure procedures are in place to check testing standards. DVSA will also recognise an external QC, such as our service, which will assist in obtaining a lower risk score for your test station and maintaining compliance.

It is possible that if a garage does not comply with the current standards it may be subject to disciplinary action, ultimately leaving the garage unable to test vehicles.

The RMI offers a range of different options for MOT QC services, including:

MOT Quality Control Scheme

This package includes a dedicated team to carry out regular on-site visits with options for extra observed tests, MOT specific risk assessments, help with disciplinary assistance, plus an MOT QC folder to keep your backup evidence all in one place. These checks can be conducted unannounced should you wish.

Disciplinary Assistance

If you have a problem with DVSA, our team can help advise regarding any proposed disciplinary action or cessation. Solely for our members, we can offer beneficial rates to conduct and prepare representation to DVSA or the Secretary of State.

Consulting DVSA on Your Behalf

We consult regularly with DVSA and the DFT. We are the forefront of MOT Testing.

As part of our service to our members operating RMI MOT QC we supply a folder in which your garage can keep all its important MOT QC documentation safe and easy to access, ready for DVSA inspection. The folder also includes templates for the garage to use to further record any documentation. This makes the auditing process quicker and more professional for MOT personnel, DVSA and the IGA when it comes to quality checking and inspection.

IGA Executive Committee member Rob Collison said of the MOT QC folder: “The folder is a bulletproof system and is absolutely fantastic - Everything you need to provide evidence for is covered and the whole folder is clearly presented. I had no need to worry at all.”

We also offer an MOT QC scheme for Single NTs. Due to the recent change in the MOT Testing Guide which stipulates a single tester should consider regular, third party checks, we created a specific MOT QC package designed for garages with single NTs, allowing them to ensure their MOTs are in line with DVSA standards.

For more information about DVSA compliance, the RMI MOT QC service or to arrange an MOT QC inspection please contact the Member Helpline on 0845 305 4230.