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Member Service Spotlight: Online Technical Forum

Member Service Spotlight: Online Technical Forum

31 August 2017

The IGA Technical Forum has been in place for four and half years and remains a repository for technical information and a place for members to share technical questions and answers in a free online peer-to-peer support group.

However, despite having well over 1,000 registered members, the forum is still not a hive of activity. In order to widen the appeal of the forum – and in response to comments from members we have added a number of non-technical sub-forums covering Apprenticeships, Scams and Garage Equipment as well as IGA Products and Services.

It’s your forum where you can ask questions of us or other members and where you can share your ideas and experiences. It can be accessed on your smartphone too.

If you’d like any other subject covered please call the member helpline on 0845 305 4230 or email enquiries@rmif.co.uk

To register or browse the forum, visit www.RMItechnicalforum.co.uk.

If you have problems registering, please call the member helpline.