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MOT Quality Policy Statement Now Available for MOT QC Members

MOT Quality Policy Statement Now Available for MOT QC Members

31 July 2017

In June, DVSA published an updated MOT Testing guide, which included an update to the sections listed in Special Notice 3-2017. Whilst most of these changes are updates to match the new MOT Testing Service, the section defining quality management processes has changed considerably and is worth looking at in detail.

In this section, DVSA now states:

“……..Going forward, much of DVSA’s focus in identifying how well garages are managing quality will come from reviewing their quality management system. This will mean that it is necessary to document the system and how it operates.”

To assist our members in ensuring they have a policy in place to meet this requirement, we have prepared an “MOT Quality Policy Statement” document that our members can use.

This is designed to be integral in the RMI MOT QC Scheme, where we additionally check our members’ processes to assist in meeting DVSA requirements. The RMI MOT QC folder we already supply to our MOTQC members has additional templates that are used to record actions taken by the VTS to monitor/ensure testing quality and maintenance of DVSA requirements.

When we visit our existing MOT QC members we will update the MOT QC Folder we have already supplied with the Policy and request that the person responsible for ensuring MOT Quality at that site signs and reviews the policy. Existing MOT QC members who would like a copy of the policy to print and implement themselves prior to their next planned visit can call 0845 305 4230.

Any RMI members who would be interested in implementing the RMI MOT QC Scheme together with the MOT Quality Policy can also call 0845 305 4230 for further information.