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New Consultation: Extending the date of a vehicle’s first MOT test from 3 to 4 years

New Consultation: Extending the date of a vehicle’s first MOT test from 3 to 4 years

30 January 2017

The Department for Transport is seeking views on proposals for extending the date of a vehicle’s first MOT date from 3 to 4 years. The options being proposed are:

Option 1: No change, maintain the current period for the vehicles requiring a first MOT at three years

Option 2: Extend the first MOT for all vehicles currently requiring an MOT at three years, to four years

Option 3: As Option 2, excluding vans in classes 4 and 7, where we will maintain the current MOT three year first test timing.

Read the full proposal here (PDF, 34 pages)

The proposal states that “modern vehicles have become generally more resilient to wear and tear with improvements in manufacturing techniques and materials, and it now seems appropriate to review the timing of the first MOT inspection for those vehicles requiring a first test at three years… Extending the first test requirement to four years would introduce a saving to consumers of over £100 million every year.”

Therefore the Government preference is for either Option 2 or 3, however the RMI are strongly in favour of option 1.

Overwhelming evidence shows that extending the MOT would endanger road safety and inevitably result in extra deaths and injuries on our roads.

Figures from the DfT’s own report concluded that moving the first test from three years to four would increase the number of defective cars on the road and risk increasing the number of deaths and injuries on Britain’s roads by over 2,000 a year (which according to those DfT estimates could include up to 71 deaths)

It would also increase repair costs for drivers, raise insurance premiums and increase harmful emissions, as well as causing a loss of revenue for MOT test stations.

You can find further information explaining why the proposals are dangerous, expensive and unnecessary at www.proMOTe.org.uk.

If you’d like to share this information with your customers, we’ve created a blog post specifically aimed at motorists, which you can read and share here.

Please add ProMOTe and blog post links to your garage’s website, social media, blog, or wherever you can to spread the word.

Evidently any move to extend the time allowed before the first MOT of a car or motorcycle’s life from three years to four years would seriously endanger road safety for all road users.

We encourage you to reply to the proposal to share your concerns using their official survey, or by emailing MOT411consultation@dft.gsi.gov.uk.