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New Technical Support Joint Membership Package

New Technical Support Joint Membership Package

31 May 2017

It is now seven years since the RMI began offering its combined membership and technical support deal to members.

The combined membership package which includes Autodata Diagnostic & Repair has proved very popular with members over the last 6 years as it provides a significant saving on the combined package as well as fixing the price for three years helping members budget into the future.

New for 2017, the RMI are now offering a second technical support membership package aimed at members that need service and repair data but do not feel they need the full Autodata Diagnostic & Repair system.

The package is a great way to get instant service information together with the support and back up of the RMI’s own popular in house technical support helpline.

With prices for the new package starting from just £995 plus vat per year for a single user, you can take advantage of:

  • Autodata Service & Maintenance
  • RMI technical helpline and bulletins (offering direct member support for those difficult technical issues)

All included with your annual membership and fixed for 3 years.

For those members that require the full Autodata Diagnostic & Repair online system this continues alongside the new offer in the original combined membership package which again provides significant savings fixed for the three year term:

  • Autodata Diagnostic & Repair
  • RMI membership

Both offers are available as one, two or five user packages.

To understand how combining your technical information needs and trade body membership can not only save your money but ensure you have the support your business needs, call the member helpline on 0845 305 4230 to discuss your individual requirements.

Members requiring Motorcycle technical information can also now add Autodata motorcycle technical information package to give you all the options in one place through your trade body membership.