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Scam: False RMI/IGA Connection

Scam: False RMI/IGA Connection

30 May 2019

Format: telephone call/face-to-face meeting



An issue has arisen when an organisation, initially a debit/credit card processing organisation called Retail Merchant Services Ltd, (RMS), have contacted at least two of our members, initially via telephone then a face-to-face visit, purporting that they have a connection with RMI/IGA and that due to that relationship they are able to offer the garage preferential rates on card payment machines and processing transaction fees. This first occurred in April 2019.

One of the members contacted us directly to verify that their stated connection was genuine, which we confirmed was not, but decided to go ahead with a face to face meeting with a representative of RMS to see what they had to say – and at this meeting the RMS representative again stated that they had a relationship with RMI/IGA.

The IGA has no agreement in place with RMS.


We are also aware of an insurance broker in the north-west of England who is targeting Trust My Garage members, advising that they can discount their insurances because of the garage’s TMG membership, but the IGA has no agreement in place with this insurance broker. The only motor trade policies available exclusively for RMI members are through Allianz insurance and insurance broker Gallagher.

All communication promoting third party offers through the RMI will always come directly from us.

If you receive any contact from any companies purporting to have a connection to the RMI/IGA, please contact our direct member helpline or 0845 305 4230 so that we can assess the scale of the situation and inform our members.