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Schools and Local Authorities Liaison Manager Update - September 2015

Schools and Local Authorities Liaison Manager Update - September 2015

27 August 2015

Every month our Schools and Local Liaison Manager will be sending updates on the work she is doing to raise the profile of the automotive industry.

This month I have started planning an ‘Education’ section for the new IGA website. This area will only be accessible to members and will provide relevant Government information and resources on Apprenticeships.

I plan to keep growing this section of the website over time, so please let me know if there are any particular resources you would like available. Further information on the contents of the website will be announced in the coming months.

I have had a positive increase in calls coming from members regarding apprenticeship information this month, and am continuing to visit member garages with apprentices to share their stories and promote motor industry careers.

I have also attended a couple of career events this month, continuing the campaign for raising the profile of the industry.

One of the garages I visited in July was Foxley Garage, who have hired apprentices to help their young business grow.

I visited Foxley Garage in Staffordshire and was greeted with a warm welcome in to the reception area. Foxley Garage is family run business who offers a friendly, professional and affordable service to its customers. Founded in 2013 Foxley Garage have been motivated by raising the standard of the experience that customers receive when coming to them through the quality of the workmanship and the convenient and friendly nature of the service experience.

Where did it all begin?

Foxley Garage is a husband and wife team; wife Deborah being a qualified lawyer and Gareth having over 15 years of Mechanical Engineering Experience. The decision was made to set roots and with the help of Tony (Deborah’s Dad) the daunting task of turning their premises round began. A couple of years on and the business is expanding and their reputation is growing.

Developing the team

As the business expanded more staff were required. So Foxley Garage actively started looking for a Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Apprentice to join the business and this is the point Bethany joined. Bethany had always had a keen interest in cars and had already completed a Level 1 Body and Repair qualification. Bethany had been met with hurdles when trying to find herself an Apprenticeship at a garage; the response when she rang the garages was ‘can you get your son to give us a call’ or just confusion from the garages that a female was applying. Bethany went for an interview at Foxley Garage and was offered a position, firstly starting as a work experience opportunity which developed into a permanent position and the commencement of her Apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair. Bethany has been with the business for over 18 months and is progressing well with her qualification and within the business.

Future team development

Foxley Garage has also recently taken on a Business Administration Level 2 Apprentice called Becky, who works on the customer service and business administration side of the business. Another Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Apprentice is been recruited by Foxley Garage, where they will follow in the path of Bethany and will be guided by both Gareth and Bethany.

If you would like to work with our Schools and Local Liaison Manager to help raise the profile of the automotive industry in your area or share the work you are doing with apprentices, please contact her at annette.buckby@rmif.co.uk.