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Six-month MOT extensions ending on 1 August

Six-month MOT extensions ending on 1 August

30 June 2020

The Department for Transport has announced that the six-month MOT extension for cars, vans and motorcycles introduced during the coronavirus outbreak, will end on 1 August.

This means that for vehicles with certificates that expire between 30 March 2020 and 31 July 2020 will still be extended by six months. This includes vehicles that are due their first MOT test.

MOTs due on or after 1 August 2020 will not be extended, and the vehicle owner must book an MOT as usual.

However, DVSA has stated that if a vehicle owner is self-isolating or being advised to shield, they do not need to take their vehicle for its MOT. Instead, they should ask if an MOT centre can collect and return their vehicle, or register their vehicle as off the road, as they will still need a valid MOT.

Read the full guidelines on MOTs here.

Due to the extension, demand for MOTs is expected to double during October and November. You may want to give your customers advanced warning to book their tests early and recommend that vehicles with an extended MOT are tested earlier than their new expiry date, to ensure that all MOTs can be carried out in time during these new peak months.

The DVSA has released the following advice to help garages prepare for an increase in MOTs:

Get your equipment ready

If your emissions equipment needs calibration this must be done before testing can restart. Many calibration engineers are now back at work, but if your local engineer isn’t available, search online for alternative companies.

Remind customers to beat the rush

Invite customers with vehicles due an MOT from 1 August to book and secure a test slot.

Stay safe

An MOT can be conducted while maintaining social distancing and we’ve provided guidance for MOT testers about operating safely.

Keep following the government guidance about working safely during the coronavirus pandemic.”

The DVSA has also stated that information about future plans, including demonstration tests for new testers and authorisations for new garages, will be released as MOT volumes start to increase.

If you have any further questions about MOT testing or the end of MOT extensions, please contact the IGA via the direct member helpline, 0845 305 4230, or enquiries@rmif.co.uk.