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Talking to Your Staff about Workplace Pensions

Talking to Your Staff about Workplace Pensions

31 March 2017

The Pensions Regular has created a new guide to help you and your employees understand your pension arrangements.

Whether you are choosing a new pension scheme or adapting an existing one, you will need to give your staff certain information. They must be told that they have been automatically enrolled into a pension scheme, or that they have the right to join it if they wish. If you haven’t spoken to your employees about pensions before, this guide is a great place to start.

The guide explains:

  • What information and guidance you can give your workers about pensions
  • The rules around providing your workers with financial advice
  • Sources of help and information on pensions for you and your workers

The guide also has a useful FAQ section which can help you to answer specific queries your employees may ask, and lists extra information and resources that you could give to your staff to help them understand their pension scheme better.

Download the guide here

If you’d like more detailed guidance on how to talk to your staff about more complex projects, this page provides advice on areas such as retirement options, pension scheme investment funds, pension scheme costs and charges, and pension scheme contributions.

Small Business Case Study

This short video shows how Paul Taylor, the registered provider of small business Ingham House care home, found the automatic enrolment process. He and his staff explain how easy enrolment has been, and Paul gives his top tips for enrolling:

Remember that automatic pension enrolment is your legal duty as an employer. If you haven’t begun the auto enrolment process yet, click here to start now.