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The High Cost of Breaching Health & Safety Regulations

The High Cost of Breaching Health & Safety Regulations

30 September 2016

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who enforce the Health and Safety at Work Act, ensure that businesses are effectively and proportionately managing their health and safety risks to workers and others. To do this, they use a range of interventions to influence, encourage and advise business and, where necessary, hold to account those who fail to meet their responsibilities.

To facilitate this, HSE introduced a Fee for Intervention (FFI) cost recovery scheme in 2012, which means that you now have to pay for their costs, including inspection, investigation and enforcement action, if you are found to be breaking any H&S laws. In the past there was no charge, and any recommendations for improvement would have been communicated to the business owner, who had to reply once the breaches had been fixed. Now the cost to you is much, much higher if you’re not complying with the law.

In fact, the average cost of an FFI invoice was £775 as of October 2015, with an hourly rate of £124 per hour. This hourly rate has since risen to £129 per hour, so if you are found to be breaking any regulations today your costs may well be even higher.

If you comply with the law, you won’t pay a fee.

The RMI has a Health & Safety service that ensures you fully comply with the complex legislative demands placed on your business. The service is provided by an in-house team of qualified and experienced Health & Safety professionals, to provide you with peace of mind that you and your staff are safe, and that you’re complying with the law to avoid substantial fines or even the closure of your business.

You’ll receive a tailor made service with regular assessments and action plans, at affordable prices from £15.92 a week.

Along with regular visits you’ll also receive:

  • Risk Assessment
  • COSHH Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessmnet
  • Equipment Log and Record of Maintenance
  • Health & Safety Accident Book
  • Health & Safety Legislation Updates
  • List of Substances/Data Sheet Check
  • Health & Safety Policy & Policy Statement
  • PPE Form
  • Health & Safety Recommendations
  • Health & Safety 24hr Helpline
  • Fire Log

Health & Safety Guidance

HSE provides an in-depth guide to best Health and Safety practices for vehicle repair and MOT testing businesses on their website. Click here and explore the drop-down menu to read about common risks specific to your garage and regulations for each category.

If you’d like to find out more about our Health & Safety Service, please call the IGA Member Helpline on 0845 305 4230.