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The Trust My Garage Guide to Facebook

The Trust My Garage Guide to Facebook

31 October 2016

When Facebook started out, it was created as a social platform, solely for Harvard University students, known as The Facebook. Noticing the success of the site, its creator expanded Facebook until it reached the point it is at today: available to absolutely anyone with internet access, allowing users to not only connect with friends, but other figures, businesses, organisations and even celebrities, all over the world.

Social media used to be seen as trivial, and has now been recognised as a vital marketing tool for businesses – big and small. Companies are now identifying the great advantage of online networking platforms, and have subsequently noticed the massive impact it can have on their dealings.

A few months ago, we recognised the great marketing impact Twitter can have on your garage, and thus created a Twitter Guide for TMG Members. Since it has been reported that more than one billion people are active on Facebook, we thought it was only right to clue you up on this social media platform too. So we’ve created a Facebook Guide for TMG Members.

Not only is Facebook free to sign up to, but the potential to show off your garage and attract prospective customers is huge.

We know the prospect of entering the digital world can be a big leap into the unknown, but there are millions and millions of people active on Facebook that all use it as a way of finding businesses and services local to them. By setting up a Facebook page, your garage could build a local, online community and allow you to gain new business.

Our guide starts with the basics of setting up a Facebook account, to the more advanced skills of management and creating and maintaining a social media strategy. Sounds complex, we know, but our step-by-step guide is friendly enough for even the biggest technophobe.

We’ve broken down nearly every element of the social media site to give you a greater understanding and make it easier for you to draw in more potential customers. As well as this, we’ve promised to support your efforts by liking and sharing your posts to our own social media following.

Ready to cross over into the digital world and attract more customers?

Click here to download the guide!