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Tips to strengthen your wellbeing

Tips to strengthen your wellbeing

30 June 2020

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is generally how comfortable, healthy and happy we feel about ourselves, as well as how satisfied we are with our daily lives. Our own sense of wellbeing is unique to us as individuals because it is influenced by who we are, our likes/dislikes and what drives and motivates us.

Why is it important?

Looking after and developing our wellbeing is really important because it helps us cope in times of crisis or change. But, that’s not all, our wellbeing can also help prevent issues from affecting our mental health and physical health. Wellbeing is an essential life skill that we need to continually develop to give us coping strategies and build our physical and mental strength.

Get started on developing your wellbeing skills:

Get to know yourself and what wellbeing means to you

It’s important to understand what wellbeing means to you and what you want your life to look and feel like. You could start by writing down what you notice about yourself when you feel energised, motivated and happy. And, also what you notice about yourself when you feel tired, unmotivated and low in mood. This will help you understand and recognise all the things that make you feel good and where you can make some lifestyle changes too.

Keeping a mood diary can also help with this – Daylio is a great app.

Take time to participate in meaningful activities

Have you ever been so absorbed in an activity that the time has passed by without you even noticing? Taking time to do something we enjoy allows our mind to switch off and our happy hormones to kick in. This might include socialising with friends, gardening, playing sport or trying something new.

Make positive lifestyle choices

We can’t be good all the time, but our lifestyle and choices are important. Making lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity, eating a healthy diet, prioritising self-care, getting enough rest and sleep will all help our sense of wellbeing. There are lots of useful tips to help you get started here.

Manage your money

Planning and managing your finances in the short, medium and long-term can help us to feel more in control and this alone can help have a positive impact on our wellbeing. Find more information to help you plan ahead.

Be aware of your emotions (feelings)

Finding helpful ways to express your emotions and talk about them is great for your wellbeing.

By becoming more aware of your emotions and the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and how you act or behave will help. Start by writing down a list of all the emotions you can think of and how often you feel them – then separate them into positive and negative emotions. The more we experience positive emotions in our life, the more likely we are to have a better sense of wellbeing.

If you’re struggling, don’t forget you can chat with Ben online or call their helpline on 08081 311 333.

If you need additional help, Ben’s helpline can support you to access further digital support programmes for stress, anxiety, depression, money worries, sleep and resilience – including access to mindfulness activities.

About Ben

Ben exists to provide support for life to the people of the automotive industry and their families. Their coronavirus hub provides a wealth of advice and support on specific areas of health and wellbeing that may be affected due to the current pandemic.

If you would like to find out more about how Ben can help you, visit ben.org.uk, chat with them online here or call their helpline on 08081 311 333.