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Trust My Garage Member Testimonial - David Cogan Auto Electrics

Trust My Garage Member Testimonial - David Cogan Auto Electrics

27 May 2016

David Cogan Auto Electrics Service & MOT Centre was established in 1983 and offers servicing, MOTs, diagnostics and breakdown services, as well as being an IMI certified Hybrid Service and Repair centre and specialists in electrical problems on classic cars.

David and his wife have noticed a significant increase in new customers over the last twelve months as Trust My Garage has gained traction, and they estimate that they are getting at least one or two leads a month through the TMG website.

David believes that the main reason they have been so successful creating leads through TMG is by encouraging their customers to leave a review for them on the TMG website before they leave the garage. This has generated over 60 positive reviews on their TMG garage profile page, and they are now using this to their advantage.

Not only does the long list of reviews drive new customers in automatically (David says that customers frequently call in saying they have seen their good reviews on the TMG website), but if they get a new enquiry and a customer is unsure whether to use them, they are directed to their TMG profile page to reassure the customer that they are a professional, trusted garage.

As well as using the TMG website to gain new leads, David proudly displays the TMG shield both on his premises (pictured) and on the home page of his own website, www.urmstonmot.com, which links to their TMG profile page.

The garage also has a Facebook page, where they promote and share TMG posts along with helpful motoring advice and local community news.

All of these promotional methods work together to allow David to make the most out of his TMG membership and boost visibility of the TMG brand, and he is confident that his efforts will continue to have a snowball effect and generate more and more new customers.

If you would like to sign up to Trust My Garage, have any questions about promoting the brand, or have also had success and would like to share what’s worked for you, please call the IGA Member Helpline on 0845 305 4230.