Diagnostic Procedures 2

Diagnostic Procedures 2

Diagnostic Procedures 2

Venue: RMI Academy

Length: 1 day

Cost: £125 + VAT for IGA members

Who should attend: Technicians with some experience in the fault finding of modern vehicle petrol engine management systems who wish to expand their knowledge. Ideally they will have attended Diagnostic Procedures 1.

Course overview: This course will look at the diagnostic process when applied to diesel engine management and other commonplace vehicle systems. The wide range of the course is intended to give independent technicians a brief overview of the various systems. It will show that an effective diagnostic process can be used to isolate faults on all systems found on the vehicle.

Participants will learn:

  • The similarities between modern diesel and petrol engine management systems and how they can be tested using the same tools
  • The differences between the diesel and petrol fuel pump delivery systems and the most effective test methods, plus safety precautions
  • An overview of Anti-lock braking and stability systems and appropriate test methods, and how the same tools and test methods for engine management systems can be used on all other systems on the vehicle
  • An overview of Supplementary restraint systems and the safety precautions necessary when working on and testing them. The testing of the sensors, actuators and wiring found on airbag systems
  • An overview of the networking of the electronic control units on the vehicle via CAN, LIN and other Bus systems. The impact this interconnection has on the diagnostic and repair process

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