Intermediate Oscilloscope

Intermediate Oscilloscope

Intermediate Oscilloscope

Venue: RMI Academy

Length: 1 day

Cost: £125 + VAT for IGA members

Who should attend: Technicians and apprentices with some experience with automotive oscilloscopes for basic tests and appropriate knowledge of the layout and function of common vehicle electrical and electronic systems.

Course overview: This course will build on the basic use of an oscilloscope to facilitate the testing of automotive systems. Using a blend of theory and practical work, insight will be gained into the advantages of using and an automotive oscilloscope over other methods of testing to monitor the operation of both electronic and electro-mechanical components.

Participants will learn:

  • A review of the basic set-up, followed by the methods of utilising the more advanced features and tools available to the ‘scope user.
  • An understanding of the measurement and interpretation of basic ignition system oscilloscope patterns and the clear advantage of oscilloscope testing over ‘substitution’ methods of ignition system testing.
  • The testing of common engine sensors and actuators, with examples of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ circuits and components.
  • The use of the oscilloscope for testing safety related circuits
  • The ability of the ‘scope to monitor mechanical functions when used with accessories such as a pressure transducer.
  • A brief overview of the more advanced functions of the oscilloscope, for example the diagnosis of CAN bus systems and related faults.
  • How to put theory into practice with hands on testing, as time permits

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