Technical Training

Technical Training

Being a member of the RMI’s Independent Garage Association provides you and your technicians with a range of training opportunities. Currently, the IGA offers Hybrid Awareness and Diagnostic Principles Training, with more technical training courses planned in the near future. Courses are IMI accredited giving your technicians the opportunity to gain formal certification for the courses they undertake.*

Hybrid Vehicle Awareness Training**

As hybrid and electric vehicles become increasingly more popular in today’s roads, understanding the complexities of the vehicle is important to remain safe and efficient. Our course is delivered on your premises, so you don’t have to fork out travel expenses for an external training centre.

The training entitles up to three technicians to half a day of technical training. Another key benefit is that our trainer arrives in the training vehicles and provides onsite training - saving you time and money.

Diagnostic Strategy and Procedures Training**

Diagnostic equipment is expensive and often underutilised, so this course has been designed to not only get the best out of your investment but ensure your staff are working to the best procedures in diagnosing faults on the latest technology.

Support is on hand for your garage to have the skills and knowledge to apply processes with any make of diagnostic equipment and vehicle to achieve a repair outcome.

As with all our courses, the trainer will come to you providing a dedicated on-site opportunity at a time.

Applied Multimeter**

This course has been designed to allow technicians to make full use of a multimeter in a practical setting. This course will provide a solid foundation, allowing the maximum benefit from Unit 2: Sensors, Actuators and Oscilloscopes, which is currently under development.

  • Unit 1: Applied Multimeter - The fundamentals of mulitmeter use in a practical setting
  • Unit 2: Sensors, Actuators and Oscilloscopes (under development)

As with all our courses, the trainer will come to you providing a dedicated on-site opportunity at a time.

Accreditation: All our courses are accredited with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). If you have problems with any of our courses, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are still not satisfied, the IMI have a Complaints and an Appeals Policy which you can access using the links below. Once you have contacted them, they can deal with any grievances on your behalf.

IMI Complaints Policy PDF

IMI Appeals Policy PDF

*A small charge will be made for IMI certification.

**Technical training is available to garages who have been in membership for more than 6 months.