Technical Forum

Technical Forum

Many independents already harness the power of the internet for technical information – indeed the majority of manufacturer information is delivered online these days.

But information alone is not enough to solve some vehicle problems. What is needed is insight and advice – and the IGA has launched a new channel of technical information for members.

The RMI Technical Forum is open to all members, and provides a platform to ask questions and receive answers from colleagues around the country who may have faced similar issues. The forum is moderated by the experts from the RMI Technical Helpdesk and over time we hope it will build into the first stop peer-to-peer technical advice sharing in the professional automotive community.

The Forum can also provide product reviews for garage equipment or other products you may use in your workshop, direct from other technicians. It is also accessible via smartphone, so you can utilise the knowledge of your peers anywhere, anytime.

Call our direct member helpline, or 0845 305 4230 to enquire.

Visit the forum at: