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4 Year MOT Feedback from Chief Secretary to the Treasury

4 Year MOT Feedback from Chief Secretary to the Treasury

30 November 2015

After meeting with Greg Hands, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, the RMI has received positive Government feedback regarding its concerns for the car repair industry.

In a letter to Director Stuart James, Greg Hands said he appreciated the important work done by the car industry, without which the high standards of road safety we enjoy would not be possible.

He also responded to the RMI’s deep concern about the consultation for new cars and motorcycles to have their first MOT test extended to four years. He stated that although motorists could potentially save over £100 million per year and a four year MOT would still comply with EU requirements, he is aware that the proposal needs to be properly assessed before legislation is passed.

As a result, we have been told that the Department for Transport is currently preparing an impact assessment ahead of a public consultation, and when it is launched it will be enormously valuable to the government to have the views of the RMI in more detail. This step forward will allow us to really make some noise to show the government the dangers of a 4 year MOT system, and will allow us to pass your views on to the government directly.

The RMI is appealing to the government on the 4 year MOT consultation on all fronts, including joining the relaunch of the proMOTe campaign which is beginning this month.