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Annual Training: Record Your Annual Assessment Result

Annual Training: Record Your Annual Assessment Result

30 August 2016

Once you’ve taken at least three hours of training on the topics set by DVSA and passed your online assessment for the classes you test, you’ll be able to record your result on the MOT testing service. To do this you’ll need to go to the “Your Profile” section of the service to find the link to enter your certificate number, date awarded and score achieved.

DVSA will be issuing a special notice soon advising users of how and when to use this new feature.

Why DVSA have introduced this

Many users asked to be able to do this so they can check that they’ve done this year’s assessment.

This will also let DVSA track how many testers still need to take their assessment.

Send your feedback to DVSA

DVSA has introduced this new feature based on your feedback and suggestions, so please keep sending them in via the feedback link on MOT testing service, or by emailing MOT@vosa.gsi.gov.uk.

Have you organised your annual training?

Annual training is compulsory for all MOT testers. For the 2016/2017 training year, testers must complete at least three hours of training and pass the online assessment, or they may lose their tester status. Click here to find out more.