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Apprenticeship Funding Changes & Remit Apprenticeship Programme

Apprenticeship Funding Changes & Remit Apprenticeship Programme

29 July 2016

Apprenticeship Funding Changes - Make Your move Now

You may be aware that from April 2017, the way Apprenticeships are funded is changing.

Changes to Government funding will mean that large employers, with a wage bill of more than

£3m, will pay into an Apprenticeship Levy to support the cost of training an apprentice, while the latest information available from government suggests that SME’s like yours will be asked to make a contribution to support government investment.

At this time of political and economic change, it is difficult to predict the precise detail of how these changes will affect all employers in the automotive sector. However, one thing is certain – change is coming and all automotive businesses should consider their options now and have a plan in place to ensure they maximise this opportunity before these new charges affect all new Apprentice starts after March 2017.

The Automotive industry is already experiencing a skills gap in key positions, in part due to the high cost of delivering effective training in college facilities. To avoid this gap widening further due to expected funding changes, Remit Training is urging employers considering an apprentice to take them on now, rather than wait.

Remit Training is part-owned by the RMI, as such its core business is within the independent garage arena. As a National training provider that delivers more apprenticeships to independent garages than any other, Remit Training can help manage all aspects of the recruitment and training of your next apprentice. At this time of year they also experience a high volume of high calibre candidates, who are all eager to start a new career.

Remit has developed a range of Apprenticeship delivery models for the automotive industry that not only support the needs of the learner, but also help build a future workforce for employers. Their day-release and block-release delivery ensures that employers can plan for time off the job but also that apprentices achieve the required levels of technical skills and competence in the timeliest fashion. This means your productivity does not suffer and as an employer you can earn revenue from your apprentice from year 1.

Remit Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Programme

Remit are looking for RMI members to take part in their new apprenticeship programme from summer 2016, that meets the requirements of the new Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician standard now approved by BIS for the automotive industry.

The RMI, along with a number of member garages from the IGA, were involved alongside vehicle manufacturers in developing the new standard. This group of motor industry employers has set a range of criteria determining what is required from an apprenticeship in terms of technical skills, attitude and motivation.

Key feature of the new standard are:-

· Assessment of competence to be carried out through ‘gateways’ at the end of years 1 and 2 will be finally assessed through independently run practical and theory testing over several days at the end of year 3.

· Employers supported by the training provider will maintain a log book evidencing competence throughout the programme

· Apprentice behaviors are a key element that will be measured and will form a vital element for successful completion

· Recruitment to the programme will be rigorous aiming to raise the quality of apprentices entering the industry

The Remit programme developed to meet the new standards is a three year programme including 15 off the job residential training blocks (5 each year) supplemented by online learning.

Residential training blocks will take place at Remits Technical Training Centre in Leicestershire. Hotel accommodation is arranged by Remit along with transport to and from the hotel and training centre during each week. Employers will need to cover the cost of transport to and from Leicester at the beginning and end of each block as well as paying the apprentice wage.

The government is insisting on an employer financial contribution to apprentice training in all sectors on these new standards. The precise detail of this financial commitment from employers for new apprentice starts after March 2017 isn’t clear. However there are financial incentives for employers this summer which make the new standards a very attractive proposition in every respect.

The RMI are keen to support Remit in this new venture and it would be great if the first group going through the new enhanced programme were all RMI members.

The intention is to identify employers as soon as possible, confirm apprentices and start dates by the end of August with the first training block taking place mid-September.

If you would like to be involved with the program, or are considering recruiting an apprentice and would like advice, please contact Remit direct through Mick Pilling at mick.pilling@remit.co.uk or 07800 733 081.