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Autodata Technical Issue 19 - Remote control central locking problems on 2007 Kia Cee’d

Autodata Technical Issue 19 - Remote control central locking problems on 2007 Kia Cee’d

28 September 2018

Each month the Autodata team answers a common technical question and provides a printable document with technical diagrams to download and keep, exclusively for IGA members. This month, a Kia Cee’d is having problems with central locking vis remote control.

Q. We have a problem on a 2007 Kia Cee’d. The central locking sometimes doesn’t work using the remote control. We have replaced the battery in the remote control and checked all of the accessible electrical connectors but the problem persists. Have you heard of this problem before?

A. This model and some later Sportage models built in Slovakia suffered from a sticking ignition key warning switch located in the ignition switch. The central locking system will not operate because it thinks the ignition key is still in the ignition switch. Disconnect the vehicle battery. Remove the steering column upper and lower shrouds. Disconnect the harness multi-plug from the ignition switch. Insert key into ignition switch, turn to ACC position (Fig1.1), then simultaneously press and hold ignition switch locking pin (Fig1.2) and pull out ignition switch barrel (Fig1.3).

Apply a light coating of a proprietary low temperature lithium soap grease to the ignition switch barrel and ignition key warning switch (Fig1.4). This should correct the problem. Refit components in reverse order of removal.

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