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Autodata Technical Issue 50 - Oil leak from front of engine in 2012 Skoda Fabia

Autodata Technical Issue 50 - Oil leak from front of engine in 2012 Skoda Fabia

31 March 2022

Each month the Autodata team answers a common technical question and provides a printable document with technical diagrams to download and keep, exclusively for IGA members.

Q. A 2012 Fabia 1,2 TSI we look after has an oil leak from the front of the engine. We cleaned the timing chain cover area and road tested the vehicle, but when it returned to the workshop the engine oil had covered the timing chain cover area, so we are unable to pin point where the oil leak is coming from. Do you have any advice for us?

A. We have been made aware that Fabia II 1,2 TSI models with CBZA/CBZB engine codes up to 31/05/12 have a lack of sealant between the timing chain cover and the cylinder block. Remove the timing chain cover. Thoroughly clean all mating surfaces. Apply a 2-3 mm bead of a suitable sealant to the mating surface of the timing chain cover (fig. 1.1). Do not apply sealant to the area indicated (fig. 1.2).

Refit the timing chain cover. Apply a small amount of Loctite 243 to the threads of the bolts indicated (fig. 1.3). This should rectify the fault.

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