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Card Acceptance Concerns

Card Acceptance Concerns

31 January 2019

Mastercard and Visa both recently published notices to card acquirers about the importance of having up to date, accurate Bank Identification Number (BIN) tables.

Some cardholders are being disadvantaged when their cards are being rejected or not correctly recognized at terminals. (E.g. Debit cards being incorrectly recognized as credit cards by some terminals may not be offered cashback.) Please note the recent updates in the table below:

If you rent a terminal from Global Payments or use their e-Commerce service to accept payments online, the good news is that they will automatically update them so you’re able to accept these new cards properly.

Action Required

If you own your terminals, rent them from a third party or use a Payment Service Provider to accept payments online, you must contact your supplier to get them to upgrade your equipment so you can accept these cards immediately.

If you don’t act, you will be unable to accept transactions from cardholders who have had cards issued in the new or amended BIN ranges. Taking this action will also help prevent you from receiving any operational fines for not being able to accept the new cards.

If you have any queries regarding this change, please contact the IGA Direct Member Helpline or 0845 305 4230.