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Coming Soon: The IGA’s Garage Guide to ADAS

Coming Soon: The IGA’s Garage Guide to ADAS

31 October 2019

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS): you’ve probably heard of these by now, and you may think that it doesn’t affect you and won’t for some time. However, it is extremely likely that you are already servicing ADAS-enabled vehicles, so it is essential that you are properly informed to protect both your business and customers.

In response to the growing prevalence of ADAS and technology in modern cars, the IGA is releasing the latest in our series of garage guides later this month: The Garage Guide to ADAS.

This latest guide will assist in identifying these systems and understanding their functions. It contains an outline on the various systems fitted to vehicles, along with the associated components and the potential symptoms of the systems being out of calibration.

The EU is set to make a number of ADAS technologies mandatory in new vehicles from May 2022, therefore it is more important than ever that technicians are informed and prepared to service and calibrate these systems.

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