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Could You Benefit from our Expert Support through the RMI Technical Helpline?

Could You Benefit from our Expert Support through the RMI Technical Helpline?

27 April 2017

As part of the IGA, you have access to a wealth of services and information within your membership. As well as the great services we provide, we also offer our RMI Technical Helpline service and the RMI Technical Forum to our members.

The RMI Technical Helpline is designed to take away the stress of mechanical problems and provide you with an easy-to-access, telephone based support system that’s there when you need a hand.

We have a dedicated team at the end of the phone waiting to listen, discuss and offer advice. We can help with anything from the basics, such as supply various repair procedures and wiring diagrams (from multiple technical data bases and our ever-growing technical library) to assisting with more advanced diagnostic work.

We also offer advice on gaining access to dealer sites and their technical information services. We have developed vehicle digital service record guides for various manufacturers and are currently working towards updating all DSR procedure guides.

For the annual cost £135.00 VAT free (that’s just 36p per day) you can have access to all of this and more!

Technical Advice Posted to Your Door

As well as phone-based support, you will also receive our Technical Tips bulletins. Technical tips are compiled from RMI staff knowledge and from independent garage feedback. These are then published in hard-copy ‘Technical Tips’ bulletins, which are sent out to all Technical Helpline members. We provide 10 issues per year, with access to all previous issues on the IGA Forum.

We’ve designed Technical Tips to give another source of information that is easy to access at your place of work – you never know when one of these tips may come in handy and can be added to your own repair information documents!

Share and Your Knowledge and Get Help Online

Access to the IGA technical forums, which is free to all IGA members, is also included with your Technical Helpline subscription. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective to help you solve a problem, access to our forums is a great way to share an issue. You can post a vehicle’s symptoms with relevant information which is then visible to all Technical Helpline members, who can comment and advise with recommendations that may just solve the problem.

We have also found that many vehicles are becoming more complicated mechanically as time and technology moves forward. the RMI Technical Forum is a fast way to combine knowledge and share issues, and knowledge and information can only be a good thing! We all have issues from time to time, and sometimes it’s better to talk with like-minded professionals. Participation is the key to make a forum a success and an invaluable source of information if utilised correctly.

Get in Touch

We do not profess to have all the answers, but we can help you find information and offer advice and a fresh perspective on the situation. Often, discussing an issue with someone can bring you some clarity on an issue, and we’re here to help. Collaboration is key – we can all work together to potentially reduce diagnostic time and cost!

Our Helpline hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm (excluding bank holidays), and the IGA Forum is available online 24/7.

If you’d like to discuss a subscribing to the RMI Technical Helpline, or enquire about any other aspect of membership, give us a call on 0845 305 4230 or email enquires@rmif.co.uk.