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Diesel Smoke Meter upgrades for MOT testing stations

Diesel Smoke Meter upgrades for MOT testing stations

30 April 2018

On 20th May 2018 the MOT will be changing with stricter limits for some diesel cars as announced in Special Notice 07-17. Your Diesel Smoke Meter equipment will need to be upgraded to meet the new changes.

We are aware that some equipment can’t be upgraded by the deadline due to equipment manufacturer delays, or can’t be upgraded at all and will have to be replaced.

DVSA would usually require you to stop testing if your new equipment isn’t in place by 20th May, however they are creating a workaround which will be usable for equipment or software affected by manufacturer’s delay only.

DVSA will be announcing the workaround soon, which will explain the equipment models that it applies to and details of the procedures. We will update you when we get the final details.

If you haven’t contacted your manufacturer to arrange an upgrade or order new equipment, it’s important that you do as soon as possible, and you should get written assurance if you can.

Click here to find out whether your equipment can be upgraded or if you need to order new equipment.