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Do you accept work from a consumer website? We need your help!

Do you accept work from a consumer website? We need your help!

30 October 2017

You will have received a letter in the post recently explaining that the IGA is investigating consumer work provision websites in order to create a league table to see which, if any, provide the best volume of work under the best trading conditions for you.

This is a major investigation, so we need your help to ensure that we have a significant pool of information to support the data we recieve from other sources.

If you accept work from a consumer website, and would like to help, please email survey@rmif.co.uk with your contact details and the website(s) you use.

Once you have emailed us you will hear back with more information and a survey to fill out in due course.

We will need information about their business models, their fees and charging structures, the volume of work generated, their payment terms and their quality of customer service. Your responses will be completely confidential and anonymous, and will be added to data from other independent garages to provide a clear picture of online work provision.

The IGA believes that independent garages do not need to use work providers, as they create a barrier between you and your customers and can see your business lose the unique benefits that only independents can provide.

However, we want to lay out the facts so you can make an informed choice on whether work providers can provide a benefit to your business. If you’d like to take part and help your fellow members and independent garages across the UK, please leave your details with us at survey@rmif.co.uk.