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First Automotive Trailblazer Gets Underway

First Automotive Trailblazer Gets Underway

30 August 2016

Remit Training has just enrolled its first apprentice onto a three year apprenticeship programme which meets new standards designed and developed by a group of automotive employers.

The Vehicle Service and Maintenance (Light Vehicle) Technician Apprenticeship Standard has been created by a ‘Trailblazer’ group of industry professionals. They have collectively developed a range of technical and behavioural standards, based on what they as employers expect to see from an apprentice.

Remit is at the forefront in responding to the new standard and seventeen year old Joshua Shaw from Rotherham is the first apprentice to be enrolled onto Remit’s scheme. The former Winterhill School student signed up with Remit in August and is looking ahead to building his career. He said: “It’s great to have an apprenticeship and be employed in the motor industry. It’s what I’ve wanted to do for years and getting the chance to earn while I’m learning is brilliant.”

His employer Autocraft Services, based on John Street in Sheffield, will work alongside Remit Training and Joshua to develop his on-the-job skills, releasing him for block training at key points throughout the programme. Autocraft Services is a member of the RMI’s Independent Garage Association.

Chris McDougall, Director of Autocraft Services in Sheffield, said: “We are delighted to be involved right at the start of the new light vehicle apprenticeship standard. Remit has found us a young man who looks to be a great prospect and is my idea of what a new apprentice should be - bright, polite, keen and with a real ambition to learn and embark on a career in the industry. We’re looking forward to supporting his development over the coming months.”

Remit has developed a programme to meet the requirements of the new standard. The apprenticeship will be delivered through a combination of 15 residential training blocks, online learning through Remit’s virtual learning environment and in-company support visits from one of Remit’s Apprentice Development Coaches. The apprentice and their employer mentor will also use an e-logbook to track practical competence in the workplace.

Like all the new apprenticeship standards being developed across the country, the assessment of competence, leading to final certification, will be carried out through independent end assessments, which include practical tests and examinations.

Remit’s Automotive Development Director, Mick Pilling, said: “We’re really pleased to have developed a training programme that truly meets the needs of employers in our industry. We pride ourselves on the experience and heritage we have working in the automotive industry and are keen to be at the forefront in supporting the standards, which will impact on our learners and their employers over the coming years.

“Developing an apprenticeship programme, to meet standards that have genuinely been influenced by those working in the industry every day, offers a great deal of credibility to the training programme. Not only does it support the needs and requirements of the businesses we work with, it enables each learner to develop a relevant and sustainable skill set, which can help them build their future in the automotive industry.”

If you would like to be involved with the programme, or are considering recruiting an apprentice and would like advice, please contact Remit direct through Mick Pilling at mick.pilling@remit.co.uk or 07800 733 081.