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IGA releasing UK Independent Garage Labour Rate Study 2020

IGA releasing UK Independent Garage Labour Rate Study 2020

30 October 2020

You will be receiving your copy of the IGA’s UK Independent Garage Labour Rate Study 2020 through the post over the coming days, which will help you to compare your labour rate to other garages in your area and review your pricing structure.

The study compares the hourly labour rates charged by members from our original report in 2012 to average rates across the UK today, and has identified that while independent garages still provide consumers outstanding value for money, the UK average labour rate has only increased by £5.88 in the last eight years. This works out at 6.7% behind inflation in real-terms.

Independent garages have had a hard year thanks to COVID-19, and there will likely be more challenges to overcome. There are costs that need to be recouped from this year alongside the rising costs and investments involved with running a garage business, so now is the time to ensure that your charging structure takes these increasing costs into account so that a profit can be made to future-proof your business.

We have also developed a labour rate calculator to accompany the study, which will provide you the hourly figure you would need to charge in order to break-even while covering your fixed costs. This can be downloaded from the IGA Members Area once the report has been released, but please read the advice within the study before entering your figures, and you can always call us with any questions about using the calculator and the figures it generates.

If you have any feedback regarding the study, would like to send us your updated hourly labour rate, or require assistance using the labour rate calculator, please call the IGA Direct Member Helpline or 0845 305 4230, or email us at enquires@rmif.co.uk.