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Join the IGA in supporting the future experts of the automotive industry

Join the IGA in supporting the future experts of the automotive industry

29 January 2021

The automotive industry is vast but faces a skills shortage many have predicted. The industry needs to ask itself why and work together to fix this problem. Is it a perception that has been created? Or does it require education to show what is truly out there, a rewarding industry with opportunities aplenty. With every passing day technology innovates and the time is now for a new generation to thrive.

School of Thought is a project designed to bring both the leaders of the industry and career starters closer together in a bid to highlight the scale of opportunities available. Whether through lectures, workshops or networking, the aim is to bridge the gap and provide pathways into the industry.

Market research conducted before the launch of Schools of Thought showed that many schools have been crying out for representatives from the industry. A thirst to showcase the opportunities that are available and allow students to hear firsthand from experts in the field. In other cases, business found accessibility a problem into schools, with the sector getting little visibility when it came to career choices.

There is no quick fix, education and commercial organisations need to work in unison to recognise the importance of experience to inspire and educate. Partnerships with STEM, Youth Employment UK and the Ambassador charter look to do just that, providing students, teachers, parents, and ambassadors a platform to communicate. There is no question of the want and need for it, with figures from the respective partners showing almost 1 million hits on their websites for users looking at career opportunities.

Automotive experts are encouraged to come forward to become an Ambassador, guide the next generation, and give back to an industry which has given you so much. Showcase the hundreds of disciplines and skillsets that sit within the rigid titles of Service, Sales, Bodyshop, Manufacturing, Distribution, or any other sector of the industry.

The IGA has already signed up to this worthy cause, and we encourage you join and give back to the sector. If you are proactive and proud of the industry you work in and would like to be part of this initiative, you can register your interest here: www.schoolofthought.info/.