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Major factors affecting the independent sector: Advances in vehicle technology

Major factors affecting the independent sector: Advances in vehicle technology

02 December 2019

The IGA is releasing a series of bulletin articles detailing factors affecting the independent motor industry in today’s modern age. This time, we’re discussing the growth of technology in cars, and how this might impact garage investment in the future.

Technology within modern motor vehicles is advancing continuously and this is showing no sign of slowing down, as the growth of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) indicates. The inter-connectivity of these vehicle systems means that independent garages face a tough challenge to keep up to date, however they also present an opportunity.

Understanding the function and connectivity of these systems is vital to ensure that those undertaking service, repair and maintenance on modern vehicles do so while preserving the integrity of these hi-tech vehicle systems. Independent garages are uniquely placed to provide local, professional services and customer confidence in the aftermarket sector. To maintain this position, garages will need to invest in training to ensure technicians can identify which ADAS systems are fitted to vehicles and if any re-calibration activity is required, following repair work.

As vehicles and the technologies within them advance, there is the potential that independent garages may begin to specialise in specific vehicle brands or specific vehicle systems to enable them to concentrate their training budget and narrow their requirements for data supply and specialist tools.

For those prepared to invest and embrace technology, it will provide the opportunity to deliver a service that your competition may well not be willing or be able to. Being at the forefront in any field carries a risk, but for those prepared to engage with technology, there is an opportunity to increase their market share.

The IGA has produced a Garage Guide to ADAS to help members identify the more common ADAS features and the considerations that should be given when undertaking repairs and maintenance on vehicles with ADAS fitted. Click here for more information about the guide.