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Member Events - July 2015

Member Events - July 2015

25 June 2015

As we reach the half way point in the year we can announce that already in 2015 we have seen more people at Member Events than in the whole of 2013 and 2014 combined!

In June we held member events in Preston, Chester and Stockport, as well as hosting our biggest ever event at the Car Dealer Conference and Expo 2015 at Silverstone with 237 registered attendees, so a big thank you to everyone who came along and put up with the slightly noisy arena.

What’s more we have received confirmation from the DVSA that they will continue to join us in the second half of the year to update on developments in MOT Training and QC processes as well as listening to feedback about the roll-out of MOT Modernisation which will be live when we get to our next events after the Summer break.

Starting again in September we expect to hold at least 6 more events aiming ensure that all our members have the opportunity to attend an event at least once a year. We will probably be visiting the South Coast, South Wales and East Anglia to complete our coverage of the country. However, if you have wanted to attend an event and haven’t been able to because there hasn’t been one in your area, please let us know by calling the member helpline on 0845 305 4230 and we will consider covering your area in future events.

We always cover as much as we can during the presentation but want to know if we’re missing anything out (and what we’re getting right), so please remember to fill out your feedback form at the end of the event. You can also call our member helpline on 0845 305 4230 with any extra comments.