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Member Service Spotlight: Exclusive Autologic DrivePRO Equipment Rental

Member Service Spotlight: Exclusive Autologic DrivePRO Equipment Rental

30 September 2021

IGA members can take advantage of a first-of-its-kind exclusive offer: The multi-function diagnostics platform DrivePRO, with its renowned diagnostic support service, is available to rent for £350 with no long-term commitment or contractual fees.

About DrivePRO

DrivePRO combines Autologic’s core diagnostic software and Remote Assist Programming (RAP®) with expert diagnostic support from OEM-trained master technicians.

The DrivePRO diagnostic software covers a wide range of vehicle brands and offers a deep level of diagnostic functionality on key European brands including BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Dacia, Volvo, Porsche and Ford vehicles. With its sleek touch-screen and modern windows 10 platform, DrivePRO also boasts an in-built coding and programming functionality for BMW, MINI, Land Rover and Jaguar.

Further programming functionality is available through the new on-demand DriveRAP service, currently covering Volvo, Peugeot and Citroen (with more brands coming soon). DriveRAP allows for an Autologic OEM-trained master technician to control of your device remotely and program the vehicle for you! DrivePRO is fully integrated with AutologicLive - Autologic’s comprehensive diagnostic support service.

As part of your rental, gain unlimited access to OEM-trained technicians directly through the DrivePRO device, where you can receive expert advice, fault code information and step-by-step guidance in real-time – helping you work through the most complex of vehicle related faults.

  • IVS 360 Support: Live support from over 100 OE brand-specific master technicians who remote directly into the vehicle providing repair guidance and flash programming services
  • OE Diagnostic Software: Identification of the root causes of issues for all major European, Asian, & US vehicles
  • Built-in DriveRAP Service: Hassle-free, flash programming remotely performed by our IVS 360 support team to eliminate the uncertainty of programming a vehicle yourself
  • Rugged Automotive Tablet: With built-in software and simple user interface, DrivePro has been made to be easy-to-use and more affordable than buying software directly from OEMs

Equipment as a Service for IGA members

IGA members can rent the DrivePRO and diagnostic support package at a reduced rate of £350 per month. This exclusive deal gets even better; you will also receive your first 3 DriveRAP programming sessions included (RRP £70 + VAT per programming session), as well as access to DrivePRO’s on-tool Autologic Guided Data – a workshop information system powered by HaynesPro.

There’s no contractual tie in after the initial 3 months and you can cancel at any time with 30 days with written notice. This offer represents a monthly price at nearly 30% lower than standard finance price to lease the same package over 3 years. In comparison, the list price of this full package if purchased outright would cost £14,460 + VAT, providing your business with valuable cost savings.


  • Exclusive to IGA members
  • Only £350 a month, no deposit or upfront cost
  • No long-term commitment, you can cancel the contract at any time
  • Financially efficient to allow for instant return on investment

To find out more or sign up to this exclusive offer, please call the IGA Member Helpline on 01788 225 908 or email enquiries@rmif.co.uk.