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Member Service Spotlight – The National Conciliation Service

Member Service Spotlight – The National Conciliation Service

28 September 2018

Received a complaint from a customer and not sure how to handle the situation?

In this week’s member services spotlight, we look at the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offered with your IGA membership – the National Conciliation Service.

The National Conciliation Service is a TSI certified ADR provider that can help you prevent detrimental disputes and restore good customer relationships.

ADR is more cost-effective than going to court in the event of a dispute and is a more amicable alternative that can help sustain a business/customer relationship. ADR-approved bodies like the National Conciliation Service are fully-independent and work with both sides of a dispute to reach a fair conclusion.

This key service, available as part of your membership, provides reassurance and peace of mind to both member and consumer – promote your ADR membership to your customers to reassure them of the benefits of dealing with an RMI member.

ADR Business Requirements

As a member of the Independent Garage Association you are required to provide information about your ADR provider on your website and in any contractual terms with customers. Click here to find out more about ADR legislation.

If you haven’t added this information to your website or contracts yet, you can copy and paste the paragraph below we have created for you to use:

“We are subscribed to the National Conciliation Service (NCS) which is the UK’s certified automotive retail Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider. As one of our customers, you are able to use the NCS if you feel we have not internally been able to resolve your complaint.

The NCS has been certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) as compliant with UK and EU regulations in respect of ADR.”

For more information visit www.NationalConciliationService.co.uk. You can also call the IGA direct member helpline or 0845 305 4230.