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Member Spotlight – Field’s Car Centre raises £2,000 for Woking Hospice

Member Spotlight – Field’s Car Centre raises £2,000 for Woking Hospice

28 August 2020

IGA member Field’s Car Centre was established in 1981 by brothers Richard and Michael Field, who originally started working from a small workshop belonging to their grandfather.

Starting out on cars belonging to friends and family, the brothers then expanded and relocated to the Woking area, offering professional services to a much wider audience.

Throughout June and July, Field’s Garage offered to donate £5 of every MOT fee to Woking Hospice, and handed over a cheque to Phil Wormley, fundraising director of the hospice for £2,000.

Company Director, Mike Fields, writes:

“When we decided to do this we had no idea how much it would raise. Let me explain.

Back in the early days of Covid-19 we became aware, as I am sure many of you were too, that charity income was being severely reduced with the closure of charity shops and fundraising events. So as a business, we considered how could we help?

We were able to keep open and have an income coming in, when so many businesses were having to close. It was a stressful period if I’m honest, balancing the health and safety of staff and customers. Were we right to stay open? We had to deal with many challenges during that time. Many people were now self-isolating or being furloughed. We know of many garages that closed for many weeks, even months. It was a strange time too, roads deserted, streets empty. Whilst we were seeing our workload reduced, we could at least keep most staff in work.

The Government had decided to extend MOT expiry dates by 6 months, partly to enable those self-isolating not to have to worry about an expiring MOT whilst they were being asked to stay at home. In theory we should have expected to see a huge drop off in the number of vehicles being tested, so we expected our income to suffer. We were warned by the powers that be that we could see a 70% drop in MOT’s. That’s a huge loss for any garage.

Well, we came up with the bright idea of giving £5.00 to Woking Hospice for each MOT that came in. It just seemed the right thing to do. People did not have to have their usual MOT for now. So we thought, that if they still had their MOT we would donate £5.00 of the fee. So for June and July we set out to do this.

To our surprise, we found most people who could get out and drive, still wanted to have the MOT as per usual. We have been closed on Saturdays, since Covid, which is usually a busy MOT day, so again we expected to see a significant fall in numbers.

Quite the contrary! In June, we almost matched the same number as 2019 and in July we did more MOT’s than last year!

Explain that to me? ‘What goes around, comes around?’ ‘Give and it shall be given’? Who knows! All I know is we were blessed! And we can now give a far higher amount to the Hospice as a result.

We want to continue to support the Woking Hospice and so have decided to donate £1.00 for every MOT for the rest of the year.

‘Every little helps’ as they say. MOT’s are not something one looks forward to, but at least you know a small contribution helps where it is needed right now.”

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