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Member Spotlight - Ladies Nights at Field’s Car Centre

Member Spotlight - Ladies Nights at Field’s Car Centre

30 October 2017

IGA member Field’s Car Centre was established in 1981 by brothers Richard and Michael Field, who originally started working from a small workshop belonging to their grandfather.

Starting out on cars belonging to friends and family, the brothers then expanded and relocated to the Woking area, offering professional services to a much wider audience.

Field’s Garage is now catering to female customers by hosting monthly “Ladies Nights”. These events have been designed to give female drivers an insight into their vehicles and how to maintain them, with information about how to open a bonnet & check the levels, how to change a wheel, and what is looked at during an MOT.

Up to 50 attendees per event are split into small groups of up to eight, and taken step-by-step around the six workstations located in the garage to look at specific areas in and around a vehicle. This is then followed up by a Q&A session with complimentary nibbles, a free raffle and goodie bags for each lady to take home.

Company director, Richard Field, said: “I’ve found that the more you interact with your customers, the less chance you have of them going elsewhere. With 80% of our custom in the form of ladies bringing in a family car for a service, it’s definitely a market worthy of tapping in to.”

Mr Field also said: “Feedback for Ladies Night is always very positive, with one attendee even commenting on the quality of the event and how she wished she’d brought in her work colleagues. We have even been asked to put on Ladies Nights for local businesses and their staff.”

The events have achieved such success they have even featured in an article for the Guardian, where seasoned motoring journalist Erin Baker commended the business for giving women a much-deserved insight into the mechanical world of their vehicles, saying that the nights deserve “praise for ingenuity and honesty”.

Creating events that bring in new customers and engage with current patrons can help garages create new and repeated business, and can also help build the ever-important relationships that consumers look for when using an independent garage business. Utilising your business’ online presence can help boost awareness of any planned events, with websites such as Facebook and Twitter being an easy way to access a large spread of current and potential consumers. It may also be beneficial to advertise in regional publications, as they may appeal more to less technology-savvy customers.

For more information about promoting your garage you can view the ‘Trust My Garage Marketing Guide’ in the Members Area of the IGA website.

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