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Member Spotlight – Turners Garage celebrates 100 years of service

Member Spotlight – Turners Garage celebrates 100 years of service

30 November 2020

IGA member Turners Garage, of Bury, West Sussex, has found reason to celebrate in 2020 – the business, now third-generation run by Allan Turner, has turned 100 this year.

Speaking to the IGA, Allan said: “I actually don’t know how long we’ve been in membership with the RMI. We’ve been members for as long as I can remember, and RMI staff were visiting the garage in my father’s time.”

Having a long and storied membership goes hand in hand with a historic business such as Turners Garage.

Allan’s grandfather and the creator of the business, Fred, had an original plan to set up his garage at a local farm, but there was a problem with the well – there was a dead cow in it. Instead, he purchased another property, a little further along local road The Street, establishing his workshop in the barn. In the 1930s Fred bought some land at Bury Common and built the present Turners Garage and his house adjacent to the A29.

Taking over from Fred was Allan’s father, Don, the second generation to run the business.

Don did divert from Turners during his tenure: upon the outbreak of the Second World War he joined the Royal Army Service Corps and trained as a mechanic, leaving Fred to run the garage. He subsequently served with the Royal Artillery with the Eighth Army in Egypt and Italy, returning after the war to Bury to work in the garage with his father, and continued to work in the business until his death in 1975.

Since then, Allan has run the garage from this site with his mother and wife Brenda.

With the introduction of the MOT in 1960, Turners was appointed as a testing station. A new purpose-built test bay was added in 1976 to comply with the latest regulations.

Now, a hundred years on since its modest beginnings in a barn in the heart of Bury village, the popular garage had to endure a partial shutdown for several weeks for the first time in its history because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is now business as usual for Turners, continuing to serve the local community as it has done for a century.

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