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MOT Information and Reminders

MOT Information and Reminders

30 July 2015


Members who use the above website to check full MOT history of a vehicle with qualifying information need to be aware that during the transition phase to the new MOT computer the information returned may not be fully up to date.

The information held on this website will relate to the old/existing MOT computer scheme provided by ATOS, however if a test is recorded on the new MOT Computer system that is currently being rolled out this will not show on the website.

DVSA have informed us that they are currently together with Valtech developing a new MOT History Service but may not be fully operational until September.

Once this new service is launched it will then show details of MOT history from both the new system and the old. They anticipate the new system will be easier to use and will not need qualifying information to access, only Registration Number and Make of Vehicle. For trade users with a legitimate need for MOT information the new system with provide a API interface for automatic data return.

As far as we are aware if you just need the current MOT status of a vehicle rather than the full history this can be obtained by the DVLA, Vehicle Enquiry Service, which will show certain details including, MOT Status and expiry date, whether recorded on the new system or not.

Special Notice 2-2015

During our visits to members it has become clear that some users are not aware that Special Notice 2-2015 has been issued. The reason for this is that DVSA has not used the normal method of informing the user that it is available and must be read, via the existing VTS device (the yellow envelope icon.) The reason they have given us for that is that if they had used this and a NT had not acknowledged receipt of Special Notice before migration to the new MOT computer system this would stop a NT from testing once he was transferred over. They felt it safer to switch this off prior to the start of roll out.

This Special Notice can be read or printed if desired (not mandatory) from the VTS Device (F5 – Special Notices) or via https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mot-special-notice-02-15

Verifying Fallback Test on VTS Device

Another warning mentioned to us by DVSA was to ask AE’s to ensure any fallback tests are verified on the exiting VTS device prior to switch over to the new system occurs. If you do not problems will occur. Regrettably this may be a common situation as we have been receiving many reports of recent problems with smart cards and card readers with the existing system leading to Fallback having to be used.

Claim Account

DVSA has also asked us to remind smart card holders that they need to claim their account if they have yet to do so already, they noted to us that of the 80,000 registered users of the existing system only 50,000 users have so far claimed their account (as of 23 July 2015.)

For security purposes the “one time password” will be sent through as a message via the VTS device. Remember though that these messages self-delete if the user does not tick the box to retain, so if you view the message and think you will do it later, when you go back the message will be gone.

If this happens the user will need to e-mail mot.modernisation@vosa.gsi.gov.uk with your details to request a new one.

There is now a helpline for the new computer system - Business Service Desk (BSD) on 0330 123 5654 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturday (excluding public holidays).

Stephen Coles

Head of MOT Technical Operations